Pop-up store display

A creative concept

You need something mind blowing to create new top-of-mind awareness for your brand? Are you about to launch a new product and are you looking for a different way to get your customer’s attention? Consumers like to be surprised; it inspires them. A pop-up store display is a very effective way to raise awareness for your brand or product and give the customer that sense of amazement. With Mei-Concepts you have the opportunity to present your brand or product in a creative and surprising manner; we have an extensive database of suitable pop-up store units available for a limited time period.

Pop-up store display customized to your wishes!

The design of your temporary store is also something we can take care of. Mei-Concepts offers several standard solutions that convey your brand identity, as well as entirely customizable options. It all depends on how you wish to present your brand and what budget is available. We will make an offer based on your needs.

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